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I’m a French teenager studying in an international high school in the south of France. I invite all those who are interested in the sciences, to participate in a SCIENCE WORLD COMPETITION – a kind of permanent Olympiad in 2 subjects: Math and Physics. The registration and participation are free. I created a program which shows the rating from every participant of the competition. So, you can estimate your chances, to go into the top 10 of the competition

The objective of our project is to help the pupils of any level, to develop a logical reasoning, to solve original and non-standard problems. It is going to help them for the passage in the higher education. In this sense, the website SWC can present an interest to the teachers of Mathematics and Physics to put dynamism and liveliness in the usual class, with competitive spirit.

Finally, the second objective of our project is the creation and the development of international exchange between the pupils, of original and non-standard problems. In fact, every participant can (besides solving the problems) send his own interesting problems on the blog. Every interesting problem which will be posted on the website is going to be taken into account in the calculation of the rating.

Thank you very much for your visit of our site! We hope that this project is going to please you and that you’re going to support it! Do not hesitate to share this site with your friends, who are interested in the sciences! And especially do not hesitate to ask all your questions, your advice and proposals by e-mail (Nico83120@hotmail.com). I will answer all your questions, and I will study with a lot of attention all your advice and your remarks, to set up them in the future development and the evolution of the site Science Lane. All the best on our website Science World Competition!

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1 profdemath 7
2 mathematik 3
3 alex2311 1
4 unamed 0
5 nicopro 0
6 jul 0
7 nayka2000 0
8 JohnnokoV 0
9 user123 0
10 Allenfiche 0

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Recent problems :
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  • Two trains of length 300m and 250m are moving. Each train has a speed of 85 km per hour and moving in the opposite direction. How long will it take for them to pass each other?
  • A plane flies horizontally with a speed V=470 m/s. A man hears the noise of the plane 21 seconds after the passage of the plane above him. From what height flies the plane? Speed of sound: C = 330 m/s.
  • An object falls freely of a height h=490 meters. What distance is it going to fall during the last 2 seconds of fall?